We are Dark Prods, our main focus its to reach YOUR VEST!
Bringing you the best HQ Woven patchs in the Market so you can give your vest an killer Look!

We have worked with bands like 

Artillery, Cloven Hoof, Picture, Cancer, Dismember, Enforcer, Omen, Sadus ,Nocturnus AD, Exciter, Iron Angel, Tank , Traveler, Riot City, Atlantean Kodex, Mindless Sinner, Holy Moses, Vader, Mystik ,Onslaught, Screamer, Protector, Smoulder, Hazzerd, Traitors Gate, Crucifixion, Tanith, Liege Lord, Solitude Aeturnus, Crimson Glory, Evil invaders, Vultures vengeance, Benediction, Unleash the Archers, Septicflesh,Razor , Sarcofago, Scanner, Gatekeeper, Messiah, Ambush, Hellripper, Cage, etc

So if you look for an patch you came to the right place!

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